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Soydemir Wool established in 1948 as a wool trading enterprise then associated as from 1987 under the name "Soydemir Toptan Yün ve Yapagi Ticaret ve Sanayi Ltd. Sti." in Konya which best wool storage city because of minimum moist weather conditions.

We are exporting and importing all kinds of fine and coarse, scoured and greasy shorn, band kniffed, tannery pulled wool types since 1990

The countries importing our productions are China, India, Romania, France and Pakistan. More than 150 customers in said countries importing 8.000 to 10.000 mt(seven thousand to ten thousand tonnes) of various types of wool produced by Soydemir every year.

Our main warehouse in Konya has 10.000 (ten thousand) square meter indoor and 20.000 (twenty thousand) square meter outdoor area.

In addition; our warehouse of collecting regional wool built in Northern West of Turkey has 4,000 (four thousand) indoor and 12.000 (twelve thousand) outdoor area. Regular quality and customer gladness is first to us.

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